Travel Marketing

The Islands’ Partnership works with many partners including Isles of Scilly Travel and the Isles of Scilly Wildlife Trust.  

The Isles of Scilly Travel and Visit Isles of Scilly work together on many joint initiatives.  Most notably perhaps is the annual “Day Trip” leaflet, not only encouraging visitors to, and residents of, Cornwall to come and visit the islands. This year, the leaflet has been given a facelift and will be working harder for us, encouraging day trippers not only to come for the day but also enticing them to stay for longer.


Isles of Scilly Travel uses promotional marketing materials – photos, video content, and particular wording to describe the travel experience.  All businesses on Scilly are encouraged to use the standardised Getting to Scilly- Isles of Scilly Travel description when writing on their own websites about Getting to Scilly. 

Here are two Isles of Scilly Travel videos you may wish to embed into your websites:

For the Scillonian

For Skybus

You can also access a series of Isles of Scilly Travel photos which all businesses are free to use on websites regarding getting to and from Scilly.  

Please note, businesses are requested to use term Isles of Scilly Travel (and not Isles of Scilly Steamship Group).



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