Taste of Scilly Toolkit

Here are a few materials to help you promote our Taste of Scilly festival>

Taste of Scilly descriptor:
If you need help about what to say about a Taste of Scilly, we created a Taste of Scilly descriptor for the festival programme both in short and long format. Please feel free to use it – or adapt as you see fit.

This is the official Taste of Scilly Logo and Taste of Scilly FESTIVAL logo.

There is a specific Taste of Scilly photo library which you can request from us and use in any promotion or feel free to use your own. There is a selection of foodie photos on the Visit Isles of Scilly Flickr account.

URL Link:
All the information about Taste of Scilly, including a download of the programme can be found on the Visit Isles of Scilly website at:  visitislesofscilly.com/tasteofscilly
When promoting Taste of Scilly, please always add this URL for further information.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram:
Please consider Sharing, Re-tweeting, Reposting from Visit Isles of Scilly’s social media accounts… there will be plenty posted across all these three formats in the run up to the event. We tweet to consumers via @VisitIOS and @ScillyTIC, our Facebook and Instagram accounts are both Visit Isles of Scilly. Please follow / like us if you haven’t already.

Social media hashtag:
Please use #TasteofScilly across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter when promoting the event. Please also encourage guests to take photos of their food and festival experiences to share across social media, using #TasteofScilly

Booking events:
The majority of events are bookable directly with the venue. If you or any visitor is unsure, please refer to the programme or contact the Tourist Information Centre who will be able to help.

Photography Competition:
Remember that this year’s photo competition includes a Taste of Scilly category, so please encourage your guests to enter the competition if they are here to attend any of the Taste of Scilly events.

We have put together a range of marketing materials that you can use, should you wish to promote Taste of Scilly 2018 to your own guests and/or customers.

You can find all the information about the event via this website link: www.visitislesofscilly.com/tasteofscilly
Please use this website link in any communication as a call to action for visitors to view the whole programme and book tickets.

If you are a local producer or foodie outlet, and you are not yet displaying your Taste of Scillly marque, please do so! If you have not yet applied, now would be a great time. You can find out more and download the application form here.

The printed Taste programme is also currently being designed and will be available well ahead of the event. We will notify you when you can collect copies for your guests.

You may wish to consider writing a Taste of Scilly blog for your website, or sharing links to your website and across social media. Please feel free to use the generic copy and photos provided. Please also remember there are generic Visit Isles of Scilly and Food & Drink films on our YouTube channel that you can share.

You might also wish to write a welcome note for guests coming in September that includes telling them about Taste of Scilly and how they can take part.

If you need any guidance or assistance, please call the Islands’ Partnership office on 01720 620601 or email enquiries@islandspartnership.co.uk.

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