Social Media

Engaging with social media is vital in promoting and showcasing the Isles of Scilly brand and increasing our market exposure. It is proving highly effective in linking all our marketing activities and creating conversations with current visitors, long time visitors to Scilly and potential future visitors.

Social media means that we can communicate and engage directly with people. We use it to tell them what we are up to and to entice them with reasons to come and visit for the first time, or again and again. Not only does it help us develop a loyal community of followers, it also helps to build trust in our brand, and boosts traffic to (as well as enhances our search engine ranking for) our Visit Isles of Scilly website).

In the summer of 2013, we signed up to Facebook and Twitter and have pursued an active digital marketing strategy for both ever since. More recently, we also signed to up Flickr, Google + and Pinterest.  We also have an active You Tube account promoting our films of the islands. 

Our Facebook page is www.facebook/VisitIslesOfScilly. As of September 2014, we had just shy of 5,000 page “likes”.  It was proved to be highly popular very quickly, with a highly-engaged audience.

Our main Twitter account is @visitIOS. As of September 2014, it has more than 1,700 followers.  We also look after the Scilly’s What’s On Twitter account (@ScillyTIC) which currently has more than 1,900 followers. 

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