Public Relations

On-going public relations is an essential, but time-consuming activity whereby we invite journalists to sample Scilly who then write enthusiastically (hopefully!) about the islands in newspaper and magazine articles and / or on TV and radio broadcasts.

Public relations adds credibility to the Visit Isles of Scilly brand because it provides third-party endorsement – someone is independently telling the reader or viewer that Scilly is great, rather than us undertaking straight forward advertising or marketing. As such, PR carries a higher value than advertising – so long as the experience is great!  

More than 30 media trips – from local, regional and national papers, to glossy magazines; bloggers, radio and TV programmes – have been arranged in the 12 months up to August 2014 generating high levels of interest in Scilly.

And who can forget Fraser Hicks as our Tourism Superstar! Advertorials, too, such as in Flybe’s inflight magazine, as well as securing monthly double page spreads in Cornwall Life, and a raft of competitions across all glossy and travel media have all endorsed Scilly as an outstanding holiday destination.

We post of lot of IP generated articles on our Media Coverage page.  We also have a press cuttings file in our office which you are welcome to browse.

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