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The Islands' Partnership is recruiting a new Executive Director to lead the current team of one full-time coordinator and three part-time employees.  The Board is seeking a dedicated tourism professional, with expert marketing credentials, to spearhead the work that will secure the continued recovery of the islands' tourism economy.  After 18 months of work by the IP, the industry has seen a 6% rise in advanced travel bookings compared with last year, reversing the 10-year downward trend, and all indications are that interest in visiting the islands is continuing to grow. "The board is in no doubt that this is the right move," says Chairman of the IP, Chris Gregory. "Despite the positive progress over the last year and the great work done by the IP team aided by the expertise of Wolf Rock Marketing consultancy, we recognise that we need to move up a gear, ensuring that all the challenges we face are dealt with by a team that has full time professional leadership, and not just the consultancy services that we currently rely on."   Click on this link to view the job description.