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Isles of Scilly Approved Accommodation Scheme

All the details and forms you need to be accredited to this scheme.  All accommodation providers on Scilly must be signed up to this scheme before they can advertise in our Guide or on the Visit Isles of Scilly website.

VisitEngland – Accommodation Knowhow

This is an excellent website – and a must-read for all accommodation providers.  It has a comprehensive section, including useful documents to download, regarding legislation and a checklist that covers everything from Premises and Health & Safety to Marketing Law, Food and Drink, Employees and Finance & Business.

You can order the “Pink Book” (which mirrors the information regarding legislation on the above link) for £9.99 +P&P by emailing: Members of VisitEngland’s National Quality Assessment Scheme for accommodation can request a complimentary copy.

Tourism For All

This is the UK voice for accessible tourism.  Tourism For All is a national charity dedicated to making tourism welcoming to all. It offers particular advice and training with respect to accessible accommodation.

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