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A 45-minute TV documentary all about the Isles of Scilly that was screened prime time on the German broadcast network NDR on Thursday 24th March has caused a spike in interest and enquiries from the country. The programme was filmed and produced by Hanno Gerken and Frank Mirbach after two trips to the Isles of Scilly in June and September last year, both of which were facilitated by the Islands' Partnership.

From the Thursday evening when the programme was broadcast to Bank Holiday (Easter) Monday evening, there were 10,203 visitors to our Visit Isles of Scilly website, 16% of whom were from Germany. Comparatively, the same days for the week before saw 9,487 website visitors in total, of which just 2.5% were from Germany.

The Islands'Partnership also answered a number of enquiries through the Visit Isles of Scilly Facebook page whilst Urlaub Cornwall, which specialises in Germany tours to Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly, had 8,000 visits to the Scilly section of its website in the 36 hours following the broadcast.